Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids (Before and Now)

While reading a post concerning obesity problems on kids, I was a bit alarmed that my little girl might get it in the future. However, I was not that worried because I know I'm fairly responsible in terms of observing what she's been eating. Well, it's not always about the meals they consumed at home or elsewhere but it's about their physical activities. Obesity is not a sin but it's a form of irresponsibility.

While I was thinking about obesity, I could sometimes blame the technologies just like the modern gadgets and some other indoor entertainments. Why? because they're competing the old outdoor games and other outdoor activities that we used to play. A lot more kids now are exposed to computer games, PSP games, texting and whatsoever things and games that doesn't involve (huge) physical activity.

I seldom see kids playing patintero(try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you), luksong tinik (jump over the thorns), luksong baka (jump over the cow), the hide-and-seek game, chinese garter >(which is my favorite) and a lot more traditional (Filipino) games.
Well, I used to play those games when I was in elementary and as far as I can remember, the last time I played (some of) those games was when I was on my first year in High School (yeah, I'm not kidding).

 photo from : Happy Things Tumblr

photo from: leonbedista

photo from : mylot

I just wished that parents will realized the importance of outdoor play for young children, and I hope that they encourage their little ones to do so.