Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Update

The last time I posted about Janine’s development was when she had her first tooth. Now, she already have two tiny teeth. As far as I can remember, her second tooth came out a couple of days later after her first tooth erupts.

Anything (else) new with my ‘Lil Chinky?
Well, she can now wave bye bye and can clap her hands, more babbling, new words but still no “mama” word (poor mama) and hey! I am so happy to tell you all that she's now learning to stand without support, I guess, a minimum of 5 seconds. Isn't it wonderful to see?

The previous days, she got sick (maybe teething issues), 39.6 ºC (=103.28 ºF) fever and vomiting (I was panicking), but she's now back in her crazy little world!

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