Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Janine’s First Day of Preschool

After Janine’s third birthday, I’ve never posted anything on what she is actually doing at three. Actually, she’s been doing fine for the past 4 months. She’s a lot more active and naughtier and talkative as well. She got new friends and more are still coming because today is Janine’s first day of preschool. Yepeyyy!!!!

Just like other moms, I’m also quite nervous about this thing. I don’t know how she will interact with her first teacher and her classmates (and new group of friends). Actually, there are more negative thoughts in my mind right now rather than positive ones, why? because 2 weeks ago, when Janine and I had a practice class at home, at first she was really responsive to the questions I asked her but after 4 - 5 minutes of practice class, she’d just randomly answer the questions without even thinking it.Sometimes she will give you a frowning face if you keep repeating yourself and she will then refuse to answer you. Now tell me, is this something that I shouldn’t worry about?

Anyway, I believe her teacher can handle my lil chinky girl. As a matter of fact, her teacher was my preschool teacher before, so at least that gives me a peace of mind. My father will escort Janine when going to school and going back home because I just can’t make it because of my work schedule, even JB can’t make it... Poor little girl, but I guess she’ll be fine.

Her first star award.

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