Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Threenager Girl

Look at you now my lil chinky. You’re so big, smart and sweet but most of the time you’re a spoiled brat and you love making mess in our simple abode. I always go insane whenever your throw your tantrums  here and there but I will always hug and kiss you whenever you feel bad.

Three years ago, I was amazed by your sweet and tiny face and I cannot forget my favorite smell - the smell of your tiny little feet (too bad  it doesn't smell like that now!). 

Three years later, I can still see your beautiful chinky eyes and  they always look beautiful to me. I loved the way how you sing your first version of ABC song because you can’t properly sing the “LMNOP” part and you even insist that WXYZ is “diamond X Y Z”.

I love how you  pretend that you can read books like you’re the best reader you could imagine because honestly, you sound like an alien talking in an alien-language (and it’s really cute and funny).

I’m always impressed that you can now identify different colors and shapes but it looks like you are not that interested with letters and numbers because “W” is your only friend and sometimes you skip some numbers when you count.  I’m so proud that you no longer pee in your pants, except when you’re being scolded badly and when you sleep during cold nights.

Sometimes, it frustrates me to get you dressed when we go out because sometimes, you pick the most horrible outfit and it takes me couple of minutes to convince you that it isn't a good pick. There are times that you sleep in the most funny position and you still do that (you’re such a joker). You always say to me that you’re a big girl already and that you want to go to school and meet other children ( I hope you continue that eagerness baby.)

YES you are indeed a big girl now but you are also my lil chinky. I wished that you continue to be sweet to us and  may you have a good health always and be a good girl to everyone. I love you my baby girl.

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