Thursday, June 27, 2013

You're Driving Me Crazy

I have never been spoiled by my parents when I was a kid and even JB didn't had enough playthings during his childhood days. However, this little brat below often gets the stuff that makes her happy. 

As I remember my life before, it was really never easy for us especially to me because as a kid, I always love toys but buying them isn't always included on my mama's list. Every penny she gets from her job (as a cook) is always intended for our necessary expenses. With that situation before, my father taught me how to make my own savings. Every time my uncles, aunties or godparents gave me some money, I keep it on a bamboo coin bank made by my father. I also remember that during Christmas season or during
Fiesta (every 3rd Sunday of January) I can buy new toys or whatever I want using my own savings and that really makes me so happy.

Well, I am so thankful with that experience of mine because it taught me how to value hard-earned money and practice frugal living.

Right now, I am happy that my ‘lil chinky didn't (really) experience the life I had before. However, I just hope that when she matures, she will never think that she can have all the material things that she likes particularly those expensive ones. Yay!!! I'll get crazy with that. C'mon baby we're not millionaires.

Anyway, here's the little brat driving her 3-wheeled bike bought by his Lolo Yani and Lola Myrna.

 sorry for the poor cam resolution, ill update that as soon as i get a new clear photo

Ohgawd! I envy my child ‘cos she'll probably learn how to drive a 2-wheeled bicycle at a very young age while her momma stays incapable of driving this so-called "easy to drive vehicle". I even told her that if she can already drive a motorcycle maybe she could drive me to work sometime. Ohhh... that is really cute and sweet.

Anyway guys, I hope you had a wonderful Thursday.

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