Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Giant Banana: Tindok

We finally cut our Tindok banana *tree (though it’s technically considered as herbaceous plant). It’s our first time to grow this type of banana and it’s definitely the biggest variety I have seen so far (Is there any type bigger than that?) This type of banana is not eaten directly. You have to cook it first just like the saba banana but what we did is, we sliced the ripe one and we ate a little portion of it (we're just curious about its taste - but hey... we didn't ate the whole ripe banana). 
Yesterday, we cooked the unripe tindok and it taste good just like saba.

 Janine can't resist not to taste it

 big banana meets the thin pencil

 it's kinda heavy too

 see how big it is compared to the latundan banana

 eating eat like an ice-cream in a cup


Filipina Az said...


Here in US this kind of banana we call it PLANTAIN BANANA. I kinda like this way better than SAVA Banana. It is tastier or sweeter and firmer.

Niña said...

Really? so it's also available in the US? I didn't know about that.
Thanks for letting me know Aurora.

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

Wow. That is the biggest banana I have ever seen. The picture of your daughter trying it is ADORABLE.