Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday "2" You Baby

Dear baby,

 It's been two years already since you first opened your eyes.
I say Thanks to God for HE had given you 2 years of  memorable life. 
Me and your papa will treasure all our beautiful memories together.
Just seeing you happy and healthy is already a big thing to us and it will always give us joy. 
When you grow older, I want you to be a God-fearing individual. 
I want you to always show respect to people (especially to those who deserve it).
When you feel fear, don't hesitate to ran to us. 
When you feel down, remember that we're always here to comfort and listen to you. 
Don't mind those people who put you down because they can only give you a lot of wrinkles.
Remember, there are many people who loves you and will love you for who you are.

Now that you're 2 and still young, just enjoy all the beautiful things that God will give you. 

We love you so much our 'Lil Chinky and Happy 2nd Birthday to you!


Yesterday evening, she asked for an early night sleep. Poor 'Lil Chinky... she looked sooo tired!

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