Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ache-tificial Fat on the right cheek

It's been a week already! Swollen gum and cheek is pretty annoying (and embarrassing). Before Janine's birthday, I was already troubled because my right cheek started to get big but pain wasn't there yet. Saturday was Janine's post-birthday celebration. We went to the beach along with my family and other inlaws. Just like what I expected, It was a HOT day. Honestly, I want to enjoy the day but I just couldn't make it cos my gum and my cheek started aching and it's quite unbearable. I have already taken medicine but I don't feel any relief at all. Sunday and Monday was the worst days for me (that time), I feel very ugly and cursed.

Currently, I am feeling better and back to my normal routine. Tomorrow's a good day to pull this tooth out!

Me sleeping at the corner

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