Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just a simple update : Christmas, New Year and Birthdays

Happy New Year to you all!

Finally, I have written my first post this 2013. Since mid-December 'till new year's eve and until last week, my days were full of unextraordinary happiness. Many had happened actually.
JB's back to his work few days after Christmas day, then I finally gained few more pounds (97 pounds now ~ so happy ). Our simple Christmas eve was lovely (long holiday break was my favorite). Our New Year's eve was also fun but it was never noisy as before. We also visited Buug's Christmas Central on December and for the first time, I met my other in-laws there. Janine also met her young uncle coy-coy (her favorite playmate when we were there). Two days after new year's day, JB's brother celebrated his 21st birthday and the next day of that was my friend's birthday, Janno. 

Next week, it's going to be my 24th birthday and I cannot imagine how will my life be, now that I am almost on my 25th (oh I'm pretty old now - but I will always be thankful for that). Janine's 2nd birthday is also coming near and plans are still vague this time. I hope that after my birthday, I could come up with some ideas for her special day this year. All I want is simple but fun birthday celebration for her.
That's all for today and I hope that 2013 will  be fun loaded year to all of us!

 her 'young' uncle coycoy


 Janine KO on New Year's day

 her uncle Valdo

her cousin

During Janno's Birthday

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