Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Nearly Christmas

6 days left before Christmas time!
Let's give some hugs, kisses and love love love.
I know a lot of kids now are excited for Christmas time and mine is no exception. Janine loves to see those brilliant and colorful Christmas lights and decors in the city.
As a matter of fact, she can already utter Christmas word in her own cute way and she calls it "Mismas"
One funny thing I love is the way she named Santa Claus figures; "miming" (meaning cat).

I wonder how Santa Claus looks like to her. Maybe because of Santa's thick beard made him look like a cat (no offense Santa.. you know, we love you so much!).

Last year's Christmas day marked the day of Janine's christening as well and it was so special to us.
I hope our Christmas time this year is a lot more joyful.

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