Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beware of "stray" dogs

The first day of December was never a good start for our family. Around 3am, JB arrived home and I was awoken by his cry of pain. When I saw his face, I thought he was just joking because he looked okay but I was shocked to see his bleeding knee and feet. His abdomen was slightly injured too. His right foot was seriously wounded and he even asked me to clean his wounds that time, OH SERIOUSLY!!!? My God I'm not a doctor or a nurse, how could I clean that? I couldn't even stand watching the blood  (but I still did because I pity him so much.)
His right foot wound is currently swelling and he said, it's really painful to walk or even just touching it. He had some motorcycle accidents before but it wasn't as serious as he had now. Actually, a stray dog caused that accident.

I told you to slow down!

Okay, I'll teach you how to drive...

Driving is so easy, see!!!

next time, be careful papa!

getting better now


Harlowe said...

Oh no! Hope he heals up soon!

Niña said...

He's getting better now Harlowe but he's still in pain.
Good to hear from you again.