Monday, October 1, 2012

My September

I can't believe it's October again. This year's September just ended, but it left a mark of beautiful memories. My September was not perfect but it wasn't all bad.

My family (including me) had experienced some sickness issues. First, JB got fever for 3 days, then Janine had loose stools problems for 2 weeks (but she was okay, thank God) then lastly, I got sick because of sudden weather changes. 

And also, attending the church mass has never been easy for us now because our baby is acting like a stubborn grown-up, throwing her tantrums here and there. Oh God, I am so mortified every time she does it. Anyway, it's not a biggie either but I just hoped she'd grow up a bit behaved. 

I've also come to realize that I want to be a very good cake decorator (I'm having this shit.ty dreams again). I've said to myself many times that I want this thing for my life and I want this to happen two-three years from now. Fondant and gum paste, cakes, playful cupcakes and cookies. wow! 
My Pinterest board (cakes.cupcakes.cookies.muffins) is now fully-packed with beautifully made cakes and cupcakes.

This is something strange to me, why? because I'm twenty-three now and next year, I will be twenty-four and I'll soon be reaching my 30s.... so I think, these changes really happen when an individual gets older. I hope these things will be realized soon.  

~I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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