Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby to Kid

A mother will always fall in-love with her little baby's face.
She will always feel happy when her little one smiles and will be amazed with her baby's first word

For me, those precious things  will never change and will never be forgotten for they have already locked in my deepest heart. I will continue to be in love, happy and amazed with my little chinky.

However, there are some things that needs change and will change because kittens will eventually become cats.

As moms, you make your own menu to make your mommy-hood life be at its best and of course make your kids become  good individuals.

-You teach your growing child good virtuous and discourage them to do bad things.
-You let them help you with your simple household chores because you think this simple acts can help them become responsible with certain things in life.
-You play with them because you want to build strong relationship to your kids and make them feel that they can trust you.
-Sometimes, you set rules for them to follow... especially when they can already deal with it

...the bottom line of this is, you are trying to become the perfect mom to your precious little one.

For some parents, they even scold their kids (though it's against their feeling) to make them stop whenever they are uncontrollably protesting. You really lose your temper when your kid is a very stubborn one but deep within, you still love them and you care for them.

Now that Janine is exactly 20 month and 10 days old, she can already understand many things now.
Her emotions are getting complicated as well. I also noticed that she's getting into responsible pooping because she can already tell us "bang" whenever she had pooped to her diaper.Oh... that's another thing to be proud of.

why are you so concerned with my pooping issue?

 ..i'm a smart kid remember?


Harlowe said...

She was a beautiful baby and she is turning into a gorgeous little girl. How proud you must be, she's a smart little cookie!

Niña said...

Thanks Harlowe!

It's nice to hear from you again.

Harlowe said...

You're so welcome!

It's been busy around here, working, taking care of babies, you know, haha.