Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Young Love

Love is a simple word yet an extraordinary emotion you could give to people around you.
When you let a little kid express how they give love to someone, they simply give you heart melting hugs and kisses.

I don't exactly know what it means to them or if they really know the meaning of love but it's the sweetest love for me (much sweeter than a husband's love *  just kidding).

I keep uttering "I love you" to my little girl but every time I do that, I don't get any response at all, so that made me think that she still can't understand the word "I love you" but when I say to her just the word "love", she hugs me so tightly (ohhh, that is so sweet).

For now, I am happy that she's still very young and she's still with me. We can still spend so many years of sharing hugs and kisses and love love love.  I know she'll grow up and sooner... for her, love will get complicated.

come here and I'll give you some love love love...

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promding chamimay said...

i can totally relate! :-)

ey thanks for visiting my blog! :-) and its nice to know you're from pagadian!!! naaaliw ako to meet bloggers from our region hehe... dumadami na tayo! yey!!!!

following you... see you around! :D