Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Nightmare on Elm's Street

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When I was a kid, I have so many fears. Right until now, I still have them and I know it will linger in my consciousness unless I let go of it or face it!
However, facing your fear is one of the hardest part you could do to yourself.
Darkness is among those most feared things by many. It's either the literal term or things that are just symbolized by it. I have abnormal fear with snakes too (I feel uncomfortable even just uttering the word). When I say fear, I could probably give you many, but one bad thing I feared now is when a nightmare turns into reality. Can you imagine the world if that thing happens? It's like a Nightmare on Elm's Street!

Now lemme share you what had happened... Around 2am today, the tears that slide down my face had woken me up from a very very very bad dream. Yes it was really horrible and so far, that was the ugliest nightmare I've had.
I was inside this terrifying room of nightmare. What I saw was odd, I was involved in a religious ritual, it's like a brutal ritual, it's like a fraternity initiation but a little different. At first, it was just like a tomato throwing fight, then it turned out a little gruesome, we were beaten, then stones were thrown unto us and we were so hopeless. Then it turned out more bloody, we were chased by this big ugly man carrying an ax. I ran fast while carrying my little girl. Suddenly, that big guy hit my back with an ax, he did that many times. Then he did the same thing to my kid. He brutally murdered my little girl [ in my dream] (oh God I hope I could forget this nightmare). I cried so hard but all I heard was the evil laugh of the vicious man!

Luckily, when I was awakened, I saw my little girl sleeping so soundly at my side, I kissed and hugged her after that very bad dream.

*knock on wood

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