Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Sorta" Blog Renovation

Hi people! you might never hear from me lately but I am still here.
I am always here and I will always be. I just don't have much words to say neither special moments (with my baby) to share that is why I am zippering the mouth of this blog.

Everything's  just normal but there's one thing I've been doing really crazy since last week - updating the blog design, layout, favicon, and etc...!

As far as I could remember, this is the third time I changed my blog header but first time to change the body layout. I changed my template (once) into dynamic views but went back to the usual blog template because there is no customization allowed when you're using dynamic view. I have changed my favicon twice and so with my blog's "grab my button" image. Oh jeez I cannot believe I did all this sh!t for a week but lemme tell you one thing, I didn't had a chance to use photoshop magic here (program's not running *unluckily*) . Yep! you heard that right, my header design buddy was Moonfruit.
I've been browsing a lot of blogs as well, trying to get little idea and encouragement to make this simple blog adorable (and not horrible) in my eyes! I am trying to keep it clean, simple yet pleasing to everyone (I hope I did a successful renovation, did I?).

So here's my moonfruit admin environment, where I did all the text, color and whatever-editing session for my blog.
moonfruit admin environment (behind-the-scene)

opps my baby's down there..
Hello baby!

You seem to be forgetting me mom. 


Oh please don't..., or else i'm gonna eat this thing 

or I will be as lazy as your dumb@s$ cat

yeah believe me, i'm serious about that!

 are you not convinced?

okay fine! I better leave!

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