Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mean Tummy Virus

On my way to the office yesterday morning, Miss Sunshine greeted me so nicely. So let me share you this photo I took before I tell you about this cruel virus that Janine got last week.

Last week, our little girl was badly sick again and this is more horrifying than her asthma attack one month ago.

July 4, that was Wednesday, I noticed that Janine's poop smells really bad (sorry for telling this), and it's slightly mushy, then on Thursday, she experienced mild diarrhea the whole day but she was still okay and active.
I don't even see any signs of illness in her face. 
On Thursday night, I had this feeling that she's no longer okay so we decided to take her to the hospital for a check up when morning comes.

On Friday morning, I asked my husband and mom to take her to the clinic for a check-up (cos  I went to work that morning). Unluckily, I received a text message from my mom and she said that my little girl was already vomiting and she seemed mildly dehydrated. Later that morning, my husband picked me up from the office to bring Janine to the hospital. He said that he went to Dr. G's house (Janine's pedia) with my father-in-law and asked what's the best thing to do. Then Dr. G advised them to immediately bring Janine to the hospital before she gets totally dehydrated.

Janine's first 2 days at the hospital wasn't good. She was still experiencing frequent diarrhea, and eyy that sucks because when she's discharging, she cries and she's really struggling, - poor baby!). Almost every hour she's discharging watery and sometimes fluppy poop. Her stool and urine were already examined on the first day of confinement but results were negative. However, she didn't feel better despite all the anti diarrheal medicines. On our second day at the hospital, I noticed that my baby has this mucousy stools with little blood stains, then I started to worry cos it might be amoebiasis (my mom told me before that I had also experienced this when I was a little). Dr. G asked again some sample stool that contains the mucousy thing I saw so that they could re-examined it. And the results, still negative of amoeba virus (or whatever-they-call-it-virus).

I was so hopeless that time because Janine was very weak and she's often asleep. I even asked God, why her, and not me? I didn't blame God about it. Instead, I asked His healing hands to cure my child because I couldn't take it watching my little girl struggling that f*%cking illness. She might be so naughty always but I love my girl and she's my everything.

On Sunday morning, when Dr. G made the rounds, I told her that Janine was still having loose bowel movements and those mucousy thing. She asked me if I really did see that mucousy stools with little blood stains, because all her stool tests were all negative in the results (3 sample stools were already tested), I firmly said Yes Doc! So then, she explained to me that she could not give my baby a drug for amoebiasis because she's negative with that. But she will prescribe a drug that is not for amoebiasis but something like a general drug for any form of bacteria that causes diarrhea (I guess that's how she explains it).

Our luck went in that time, after Janine started that antibacterial drug around 10 am on Sunday. Her body was responding well with that medication and I felt a little relieved (thank God).
The last time she pooped was Sunday around 12 noon and she didn't pooped again until Monday noon so we were already given a discharge note.

I hope she will never acquire that mean virus again!
Thank you Dr. G for the help and most of all, thanks God because you answered my prayers!

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