Monday, June 4, 2012

School is COOL

When June comes, I used to feel the excitement of back-to-school day.
First day of school is one of the best-est days for me, but now that schooling is all done for me, everything's just a memory. I am no longer carrying the usual school bag loaded with books and other notes, cheating my classmate's answers and copying my best friend's assignments are now a laughable experience to me and bla blah blah.

School sucks! yeah really (for me) but schooling is about what I am now (oh admit it!)

... and I miss all my classmates :( 
(I am makin' some drama here)
Here are some of my college photo memories.

I was thinking if mama would allow me to go to school at this early stage

Ma, can I go to school now? pleaseee?

wait, I'll check if the weather is good...

...okay it's fine, I gotta go Ma 'cos I'm gonna be late!

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