Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dunkin Donut's Day 2012

Janine wasn't feeling okay on these photos 'cos she was bothered by her new tooth and she had slight fever. That is why we brought her downtown to see her new big friends and make her feel a little eased!

 Janine meets Kitty (but she wasn't smiling!)

picture perfect! Papa+Daughter 
(belated Happy Father's day to my Papa and to my partner!)

My little mascot at home!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today is exactly a week later after Janine got confined to the hospital Thursday afternoon. It was an emergency actually! When Jb and I got home that day, my mom was so anxious and Janine was wheezing and she can hardly breathe and she's crying hardly! Oh my God what happened to my 'Lil Chinky?

That was the first time I got really (as in really really) worried with my little girl's health. I have never seen her very sick as sick as that! She looked so weak. So then we rushed her to Dr. G. I was actually crying when I talked Dr. G. to check what had happened to Janine (I know that is so embarrassing to admit but who cares?), then she confirmed that she has an asthma and that she needs to be hospitalized asap. Poor baby!

As of now, she's fine and she's back to her normal naughty life!
Btw, Thanks for the first photo Madame Sweety!

Monday, June 4, 2012

School is COOL

When June comes, I used to feel the excitement of back-to-school day.
First day of school is one of the best-est days for me, but now that schooling is all done for me, everything's just a memory. I am no longer carrying the usual school bag loaded with books and other notes, cheating my classmate's answers and copying my best friend's assignments are now a laughable experience to me and bla blah blah.

School sucks! yeah really (for me) but schooling is about what I am now (oh admit it!)

... and I miss all my classmates :( 
(I am makin' some drama here)
Here are some of my college photo memories.

I was thinking if mama would allow me to go to school at this early stage

Ma, can I go to school now? pleaseee?

wait, I'll check if the weather is good...

...okay it's fine, I gotta go Ma 'cos I'm gonna be late!