Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the best thing about having a kid named Janine

When Janine started her naughtiness, my so-depressing-life also began but I am not saying that I regret these things happening to me. Perhaps, you would say that I had a boring life since the day I had my own family. Well, you’re mistaken in that idea. When I hear people saying "Niña, why don't you try to have some fun sometimes?", "Are you not coming with us?" etc. "blah blah blah"!, I am a little bothered and you may not be aware of that. 'Lemme tell you this, my own description of fun is at home with my 'Lil Chinky and I have had enough at home which I consider fun. Just having her is not just fun but a joy to my heart. I have countless reasons of happiness and most of it, you won't understand unless you engaged yourself into mommyhood!

Yes, she's really a naughty kid but her naughtiness is really a cute thing to me and one of the best things about having her is, I can always do whatever silliness to her when boredom strikes my way. Do you get what I mean?

I can always tell her to pose like an emotera girl.

Give her a sour treat

Make her dance in an upbeat music

Dress her up like a chinese chick and seeing that grin.

...or simply piss her off