Friday, April 13, 2012

The Weaning Process

When some people hear about "weaning", they think of it negatively. Well, at first, I admit that I had this negative thoughts running in my mind but I just realized that I have to initiate changes and I have to do that since I am a working mom.

Weaning is a personal decision (take note of that). You can wean your baby in an abrupt or gradual manner (it depends on you or in your situation or whatever decisions you may have). But take note also, abrupt weaning is not really advisable because it is being said that when you suddenly stop breastfeeding, your breasts will engorged, and may cause breast infection or breast abscess (ohhhh that's really horrifying).

There are numerous reasons why we have to wean our little ones. (My) major reason is because they can't stay as a baby forever, right? and it's one way of teaching them a little independence (my other reason is,  she often bites my little raisins, which is so painful!).

Janine is exactly 14 months and 13 days old today, and oh! with six teeth, and I am (still) weaning her slowly. I wean her whenever I'm at work and nurses her when I come back home at 3:00 pm and sometimes at night time. There are also instances that I don't nurse her the whole day but only at night time. But I can't afford not to nurse her even a single moment in a day because I know she's longing for it and I pity her so much when she cries asking for it (poor baby).

So before weaning your baby, you must first think what's the best way to use, the best way that works best for you both.

Happy weaning!

are you serious you're gonna wean me ( totally )?

..well, I think it's a cool idea mom.

but I am also thinking that it's soooo booooring!

Honestly, I don't like it and if you do, I'll  get mad at you!

pleeeease don't do that?

I beg you!
....can I just suck a little? pleease?