Monday, March 12, 2012

The picky eater

Today, Janine is exactly 13 months and 12 days old. She's maturing so fast and she's getting smarter than before.    However, we've noticed that she starts to be a picky eater (ohmy! goodluck to me)...  That's my main and my BIGGEST problem today and it is soooooo frustrating and it loses my temper sometimes but of course I managed to stay a sweet (desperate) momma!

Do I need to panic? cos I was worrying if it's normal or not.
She's obviously losing her weight but I can see that she's acting normal. She's still happy and she looks healthy in spite of not eating her meals properly. If  you're questioning me on what makes her still a Go-Go baby? uhm just MILK, Yes, she still loves her milk but I think it's not enough for her.

She hates banana
She hates biscuits
She hates fish
She hates meat
She hates rice
She hates apples
She hates anything (aside from milk).

But she loves to play and sleep (she sleeps too much this time).

 you don't have to worry about me mama...
i can even push this thing...

she used to be like this