Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Confession of a mom blogger

Hi guys, I'm back again. I didn't noticed that February 2012 just ended. It's just so upsetting to see that I only have 2 blog posts for February (whatta shame to my readers).

I just wanna let you know that February might not be a blog-friendly month for me but I have several good memories last month and it started with my baby's 1st birthday on  February 1, followed by our company's  1st sportsfest event, then Valentines day followed (when JB gave me a surprise Valentine's day treat when he got home from his work, around 10:30 pm. Lastly, we had our Island adventure at Panikian.

What exactly happened to me last month?

Okay guys, will it be okay if I say, I was busy? Uhm Yes! I was pretty busy last month and I was busy spying the blog of Jason Acidre. His blog is not related to my blog but his blog is related to my work, SEO. If there are instances where I got some free time to write, my mind isn't cooperating (you know how $h#Tty that thing I feel?). And hey don't forget that I have this beautiful naughty girl at home that makes me forget about everything.

 There, I have realized that being a (mom) blogger can sometimes be sooooo frustrating and quite hard.

You can never escape the fact that in a certain time, you will have a very lazy mind and a very wordless day or even a wordless week, worst if it takes a month or months (oh! you may possibly mislay your readers if you can't prevent that mistake.) Of course I don't want that thing to happen.
I may only have few (lovely) readers and visitors but I treasure them all, so THANK YOU so much guys for being there.