Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Don't Know How She Does It

You can't always assure to yourself that you can post something to your blog everyday or every other day. The only thing that you're aware about is the fact that  when you're inspired to write something or your mind is overflowing with thoughts and if you're abundant with unforgetful experience then there's a good reason to post it and let the world know about it, right?

I am actually among those mom bloggers that cannot put myself 100% on my blog, of course because I have other responsibilities, aside from keeping this blog alive. Remember that I am a mom, a wife, and an 8-hour company worker. I just consider blogging as a hobby and that's it.

Speaking of responsibilities, have you seen "I Don't Know How She Does It"? Well, I just saw it the other week and I did love the whole story, from start to end. Though I've read some negative reviews from viewers and film critics. I still loved it. Who cares?! They're not me!
By day, Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) works for a Boston-based financial management firm; by night, she's a devoted mother to two adoring children and the happily married wife of out-of-work architect Richard. Though balancing those two worlds has its fair share of challenges, Kate generally manages to come out on top thanks to the support of her best friend, Allison , who's had plenty of experience balancing kids and a career. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Kate's associate assistant, Momo, possesses a fear of children and a strong work ethic. Just when Kate lands a lucrative new account that will see her traveling across the country on a regular basis, however, her new business associate Jack reveals his flirtatious side and Richard receives a job offer he can't turn down. Though it looks as if Kate and Richard couldn't possibly take on any more responsibility, the demands of modern living ensure they'll never have a dull moment, even if they try. - wiki

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Her first hair-cut

Hey moms, can you remeber when was the first time you had cut your baby's hair?
Well, Janine had her first haircut last Saturday, March 17. It wasn't a perfect cut because she's quite bothered with it. I think she's aware how sharp the scissors is, but I don't know if she really hates the scissors or if she hates her bangs being cut. When my husband  got home that time, (unluckily) he didn't like her new 'do. Well, I don't care if he didn't like it because for me she still looks cute.

 I think she's proud of that new cut.

Her hair inserted to a dictionary. (first haircut superstitions in the Philippines)
My hair was also inserted to this dictionary but unluckily I had lost it when I was in college.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The picky eater

Today, Janine is exactly 13 months and 12 days old. She's maturing so fast and she's getting smarter than before.    However, we've noticed that she starts to be a picky eater (ohmy! goodluck to me)...  That's my main and my BIGGEST problem today and it is soooooo frustrating and it loses my temper sometimes but of course I managed to stay a sweet (desperate) momma!

Do I need to panic? cos I was worrying if it's normal or not.
She's obviously losing her weight but I can see that she's acting normal. She's still happy and she looks healthy in spite of not eating her meals properly. If  you're questioning me on what makes her still a Go-Go baby? uhm just MILK, Yes, she still loves her milk but I think it's not enough for her.

She hates banana
She hates biscuits
She hates fish
She hates meat
She hates rice
She hates apples
She hates anything (aside from milk).

But she loves to play and sleep (she sleeps too much this time).

 you don't have to worry about me mama...
i can even push this thing...

she used to be like this

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Our Day

a simple greetings to all women

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Confession of a mom blogger

Hi guys, I'm back again. I didn't noticed that February 2012 just ended. It's just so upsetting to see that I only have 2 blog posts for February (whatta shame to my readers).

I just wanna let you know that February might not be a blog-friendly month for me but I have several good memories last month and it started with my baby's 1st birthday on  February 1, followed by our company's  1st sportsfest event, then Valentines day followed (when JB gave me a surprise Valentine's day treat when he got home from his work, around 10:30 pm. Lastly, we had our Island adventure at Panikian.

What exactly happened to me last month?

Okay guys, will it be okay if I say, I was busy? Uhm Yes! I was pretty busy last month and I was busy spying the blog of Jason Acidre. His blog is not related to my blog but his blog is related to my work, SEO. If there are instances where I got some free time to write, my mind isn't cooperating (you know how $h#Tty that thing I feel?). And hey don't forget that I have this beautiful naughty girl at home that makes me forget about everything.

 There, I have realized that being a (mom) blogger can sometimes be sooooo frustrating and quite hard.

You can never escape the fact that in a certain time, you will have a very lazy mind and a very wordless day or even a wordless week, worst if it takes a month or months (oh! you may possibly mislay your readers if you can't prevent that mistake.) Of course I don't want that thing to happen.
I may only have few (lovely) readers and visitors but I treasure them all, so THANK YOU so much guys for being there.