Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day to all!

 Oh I can't believe that I've been away for quite long.
But anyway, Just lemme greet you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
(and Happy Valentine's day to you Yang and to you my little girl - I love you both, and to my mama and papa as well, I love you!)
sippin' some love

This is my first post for February (really!!! it's already mid-Feb) so don't mess with me (hmm just kidding). And  Oh... Mr Google is showin' some love for (just) this day too! Check out Google.com now - Feb. 14

Well, enough with Mr. Google's valentine goody, 'Lemme say to you that it was February 1 when my little girl turns one. It was actually a simple celebration but it was so special for her and for us as well. We've had some bonding moments with some of my closest friends and relatives. And did you remember about the test she had? Well, unfortunately, she's positive in the result, and I was so sad about that but we are still thankful that we knew about it before it's too late. With that result, she's starting her 6 months oral administration of medication . Oh I hate it because she's having (little) issues with taking medicines but we don't have choice and she has no choice either (poor baby).

And also, last Saturday, we had our very first sports fest event and guess what? our team (White Hackers)  were the overall champion of all the major games! woot woot!!! (and today is our company's first year anniversary, so Happy Anniversary APEX)
 "the early birds"
(we won it)

I'm so happy! Why? because we're set to celebrate our victory at Panikian Island! (I am super dooper EXCITED!)

the paradise

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