Monday, January 16, 2012

I just turned 23 and a boy just earned his wings

January 15, 2012 it was Sunday when I turned 23. There wasn't really a special celebration, I just went to the church prayed and attended the Holy Mass along with my family. That day was also the feast of Sto. Niño, so it's kinda a big day also. Today, it's Monday and I'm back to work but I have something special to tell you all.
It's really a special post. I have mixed emotions this time.
So today, I checked Courtney's blog, and then OHH, I found out that my favorite drummer boy had finally earned his wings January 14 (Ponchatoula time - it's Jan. 15 in the Philippines) and hey that's my birth-day.

My heart was really twisted but I am having that happy feeling knowing that Tripp's gonna feel Jesus' embrace. He will finally live an everlasting life with no more pain at all.

You will always be remembered Tripp.