Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Update: She's almost one!

Here's a little update on Janine's development before she turns one!
I can hardly believe that my little chinky is almost one now. Wow! it's a big achievement for me as a mom. It's never been so easy handling a naughty yet sweet little girl.

On my first year as a mom, I have learned a lot of things (as in so many things).
From handling my pregnancy period up to the point I managed those painful stages of labor,
the delivery period, changing diapers, breastfeeding, preparing the milk, dealing a sick baby
and a lot more. Speaking of sick baby, Janine got sick again but it wasn't so serious since
she didn't had a fever, just cough and colds, but I still hate it because it's annoying my little
girl's sleep sessions. Especially when she got clogged nose (ohhh it sucks and I know how hard it is)
2nd Friday of January, we brought to her pedia because of  cough issue and she was given 3 kinds of medicines. Couple of days after that, she was entirely fine. Then we noticed last week that she started  coughing again, and oh jeez...she starts sneezing too. Then we brought her back to her pedia. Dr. C examined her and changed her vitamins and she was given and anti-allergy but same med for her cough. Dr. C also told us that she will also undergo a medical test, I'm not really sure how is it named but it's something about a test on pneumonia (I forgot its term). When Dr. C mentioned this thing, I was slightly worried, pneumonia? it's alarming to me huh! I hope we see good results after the test (we were just waiting for Dr. C's call for the test schedule).

Enough with the sick issue and going back to the topic, on the last baby update I wrote, I mentioned those things Janine are learning. Right now, she's learning some new things and gestures like learning how to use the comb, how to use the fan, how to put the alcohol on her hand and apply it on her hands and arms (it's my favorite thing she does). She also points her finger to the wall when we say "lizard" (oh that's cute)!
 when she was so little...

...and now, she's my naughty little bunny