Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Update: She's almost one!

Here's a little update on Janine's development before she turns one!
I can hardly believe that my little chinky is almost one now. Wow! it's a big achievement for me as a mom. It's never been so easy handling a naughty yet sweet little girl.

On my first year as a mom, I have learned a lot of things (as in so many things).
From handling my pregnancy period up to the point I managed those painful stages of labor,
the delivery period, changing diapers, breastfeeding, preparing the milk, dealing a sick baby
and a lot more. Speaking of sick baby, Janine got sick again but it wasn't so serious since
she didn't had a fever, just cough and colds, but I still hate it because it's annoying my little
girl's sleep sessions. Especially when she got clogged nose (ohhh it sucks and I know how hard it is)
2nd Friday of January, we brought to her pedia because of  cough issue and she was given 3 kinds of medicines. Couple of days after that, she was entirely fine. Then we noticed last week that she started  coughing again, and oh jeez...she starts sneezing too. Then we brought her back to her pedia. Dr. C examined her and changed her vitamins and she was given and anti-allergy but same med for her cough. Dr. C also told us that she will also undergo a medical test, I'm not really sure how is it named but it's something about a test on pneumonia (I forgot its term). When Dr. C mentioned this thing, I was slightly worried, pneumonia? it's alarming to me huh! I hope we see good results after the test (we were just waiting for Dr. C's call for the test schedule).

Enough with the sick issue and going back to the topic, on the last baby update I wrote, I mentioned those things Janine are learning. Right now, she's learning some new things and gestures like learning how to use the comb, how to use the fan, how to put the alcohol on her hand and apply it on her hands and arms (it's my favorite thing she does). She also points her finger to the wall when we say "lizard" (oh that's cute)!
 when she was so little...

...and now, she's my naughty little bunny

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids (Before and Now)

While reading a post concerning obesity problems on kids, I was a bit alarmed that my little girl might get it in the future. However, I was not that worried because I know I'm fairly responsible in terms of observing what she's been eating. Well, it's not always about the meals they consumed at home or elsewhere but it's about their physical activities. Obesity is not a sin but it's a form of irresponsibility.

While I was thinking about obesity, I could sometimes blame the technologies just like the modern gadgets and some other indoor entertainments. Why? because they're competing the old outdoor games and other outdoor activities that we used to play. A lot more kids now are exposed to computer games, PSP games, texting and whatsoever things and games that doesn't involve (huge) physical activity.

I seldom see kids playing patintero(try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you), luksong tinik (jump over the thorns), luksong baka (jump over the cow), the hide-and-seek game, chinese garter >(which is my favorite) and a lot more traditional (Filipino) games.
Well, I used to play those games when I was in elementary and as far as I can remember, the last time I played (some of) those games was when I was on my first year in High School (yeah, I'm not kidding).

 photo from : Happy Things Tumblr

photo from: leonbedista

photo from : mylot

I just wished that parents will realized the importance of outdoor play for young children, and I hope that they encourage their little ones to do so.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I just turned 23 and a boy just earned his wings

January 15, 2012 it was Sunday when I turned 23. There wasn't really a special celebration, I just went to the church prayed and attended the Holy Mass along with my family. That day was also the feast of Sto. Niño, so it's kinda a big day also. Today, it's Monday and I'm back to work but I have something special to tell you all.
It's really a special post. I have mixed emotions this time.
So today, I checked Courtney's blog, and then OHH, I found out that my favorite drummer boy had finally earned his wings January 14 (Ponchatoula time - it's Jan. 15 in the Philippines) and hey that's my birth-day.

My heart was really twisted but I am having that happy feeling knowing that Tripp's gonna feel Jesus' embrace. He will finally live an everlasting life with no more pain at all.

You will always be remembered Tripp.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unplanned visit

It's our 50th monthsary today (btw, happy monthsary yang) but I wanted to post something different. This is not the usual 'sweet' type of post ...uhm like telling sweet words to your partner, but it's about a thing  that I don't want to happen again.

Actually, I was a bit hesitant on posting this thing on my blog, but I just realized that this blog isn't always for great things in my life. So here's how the short story goes...

After having a noisy and joyful new year's eve, I woke up one (new year) morning without having my hubby at my side, I though he's on the kitchen but he's not there. Janine was still asleep. I checked my phone but there's no text message/s from him. The only thing I can remember that happened that evening was, he's doing some drinking session with his cousins outside our house (I went to sleep after 2am but he's still partying)... Then around 7am, he sent me sms confirming that he's out in the city (he didn't even told me he'll go out and I know he's really drunk when he left). I was terribly mad at him then I started to cry. It was new year but he's partying out with other people (oh jeez this man is really insane- I hope he realizes what I feel that day).

Suddenly my bff texted me that my other bff is at her house then I told her what had happened, she then invited me to go into her house along with my little one (thanks God I have them). I hurriedly prepared myself and my baby cos my dumb@ss husband might come home (haha). My bff  picked me up from the terminal and I spent my whole morning with my bffs and that heavy feeling was relieved.
I did enjoyed that moment with them and I know they loved it too cos Janine was there (and she's practicing doing her steps).

It's almost 10 am when my husband texted me back. He's asking where was I. I didn't response. He called me through my phone many times but I ignored it (i'm obviously upset and I know he's freaking out not getting any response from me)... After our lunch, I finally texted him. He picked me up but I was still having that
M-A-D feeling at him. Then of course we talked about the issue, but it wasn't an easy discussion and it took so long before we became okay. He apologized for what he did and he knew he was wrong (good for him.)

 janine practicing her little steps

the foster dad

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you God for the wonderful things happened to me last year and I hope that 2012 will be the same beautiful year for us!