Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My little smart

Just this week, I noticed that, now, my little one knows how to respond to some things. She knows how to response when I asked her to make a "strong" look, when I asked her to "close and open" her hands, when I asked her to clap her hands and when she's been asked to wave bye bye.
 I actually love it and I keep repeating it, though sometimes she refuses to do so, especially when she's doing something else or whenever she's not in the mood of doing this sh*tty thing.

I know she's a smart child and I would love to see her grow as a smart kid. And she can now walk independently! yes, without holding to anything but she can only do a minimum of 2 steps (I hope she can already walk (straight) before her 1st birthday comes.

Another thing is, she's also learning some stupidity-haha (yeah, I consider it a little stupid). - Picking her nose and afterwards, places that 'certain' finger inside her mouth (oh that's gross) haha.
Meanwhile here's some of our pictures taken during her Christening, on the day Jesus Christ was born-Christmas day!