Monday, December 5, 2011

Janine fell off the bed (bad mama)

The first time Janine falls off the bed was when JB and I fell asleep one boring afternoon, second was under the care of my mom, but those incidents were not really a bad drop for her cos she didn't really fell directly to the floor.

The third time was yesterday afternoon and it was totally a terrible fall for her (and its my fault.) .
I cant really remember what she did that time, the only thing I  noticed was, she was playing a horsey-hosey ride close to my legs when suddenly I noticed that she jumped off my legs going to the floor. I did tried holding her one arm to stop her from falling but unluckily I also lose my balance and dropped on the floor along with her. I hurriedly stand and pick her up and hug her while she cries so hardly.
Thanks God she's okay but I still feel guilty to what had happened.
That time, I was really in the state of shock. I hope it won't happen again. Sorry baby! (mama will be very careful from now on). Poor chinky!


Harlowe said...

Aw, I'm sorry! These things happen to all of us. When Eli was a couple of months old I was nursing him on our couch and I must have fallen asleep (it was probably around 2-3 in the morning), I woke up because I heard him grunting and I looked down and he must have rolled off me onto the hardwood floor. It took me a really long time to get over the guilt. He wasn't hurt, he didn't even cry but I felt like such a horrible mother. Janine will be fine, she won't even remember.

WenZiv (The aspiring Blogger) said...

I'm sorry to hear that Baby Janine, this is exactly what most of the moms happen. Though the guilt is there but it is really normal.

Niña said...

Hi Harlowe,
Well, Janine is okay now. I hope it didn't hurt her! I really did promised to be very careful the next time.

Niña said...

Wendy, hmmm.. aspiring blogger! keep it up Wen!