Friday, November 11, 2011

4 years of being together

"11-11-11" whatta special day!!!!

4 years ago, I lived a happy and worry-free single life. Then I met (again) this annoying guy (who was also my classmate before). Unexpectedly, we made a promise of commitment and tried to make a not-so-perfect relationship. That relationship worked out and we admit, it wasn't a perfect relationship but we know it was "the best" (reallyyyyyyy!!!).

He tried to be my perfect guy and I tried to be his perfect woman but we ended becoming the "real us" and 
we accepted each other's imperfectness and that what makes us "perfect couple" on our own. We do have little misunderstandings sometime but we never had a big fight as in "BIG fight", and I am so proud of that. 
So where are we now? Well, of course we are still here and we are staying stronger every day. Today, it’s our 4th year anniversary of being together and we are both wishing to have many many more years of sharing ups and downs. 

Happy 4th year anniversary Yang.
Thanks for being a good boyfriend (before), a good husband (today), a good father to Janine and lastly, thank you because you never forget to be a good friend to me.
I love you!

our first picture as a couple


Harlowe said...

Happy 4 years, here's to many more!

Niña said...

Thanks Harlowe

Filipina Az said...

Happy 4th anniversary day Nina. Cute kaayu imo baby Janine. Regards! from Filipina Arizona!