Thursday, October 20, 2011

Janine's first tooth

Cute tooth from: Arielle_Weiler 

It was Oct. 15 when I noticed that Janine’s lower front tooth finally came out. When I found out that she already had her first little tooth, of course I felt really glad (I even touched it with my finger). Below is a picture of what it looks like, it’s not really hers but it looks exactly the same of what she has now (I couldn't take (my own) picture of it because she hates it every time I tried opening her mouth.. arg!!!) 

Well,That’s the good side when your baby starts having their little chewing and biting buddies. But there’s one bad thing I hate about it (which I think most moms do) and that is when your baby is tryin’ to sink their tooth (worst if teeth) into your precious little nipples (am I right about it mommies?). 

Hmm, do I feel angry about it? YES of course, but I just couldn’t really blame her cos I know she’s not really aware that I was actually hurt. 
Patience mommies, remember that you are the MOM and they are the BABIES.

Photo credits: Oral Answers

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