Friday, October 28, 2011

Cute Halloween Costumes

Hey mommies, I might be so quite these previous days (sorry for that) but it doesn't mean I'm dead. Hey I am alive. And speaking of being dead, Halloween night is (really) fast approaching and I am so thrilled for that, why? because it's Janine's first Halloween. But are we going to have a Halloween party? uhhmm.. not really sure about that because it's not in our traditions (but I hope we could celebrate for the first time). What we usually do is celebrate our peaceful All Saints Day and All Souls Day for our late beloved ones... (Poor chinky).

Speaking of Halloween Celebration I found these adorable Halloween costumes for kids. (cute! aren't they?) I know your little ones will love these cute outfits!

this is my favorite, the Baby Blossom Infant Costume ( almost a perfect edit > I insist lol)

Janine in  her "manang" Halloween outfit (lol)

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Filipina Az said...

What a Cutie! I love Janine's tough expression.