Friday, October 28, 2011

1st knot anniversary

How sweet is the moment when marriage first starts.
With a making of vows and giving of hearts.
When so many beautiful joys lie in store.
and every day holds the promise of more.
How full are the years when a marriage grows strong
with faith and commitment to guide it along.
When a home is warm with sharing,laughter and fun.
As tenderly, gently two loves become one.
How good it can be when love's dream all come true.
For a wonderful husband as special as you.

Happy first knot anniversary Yang...

Cute Halloween Costumes

Hey mommies, I might be so quite these previous days (sorry for that) but it doesn't mean I'm dead. Hey I am alive. And speaking of being dead, Halloween night is (really) fast approaching and I am so thrilled for that, why? because it's Janine's first Halloween. But are we going to have a Halloween party? uhhmm.. not really sure about that because it's not in our traditions (but I hope we could celebrate for the first time). What we usually do is celebrate our peaceful All Saints Day and All Souls Day for our late beloved ones... (Poor chinky).

Speaking of Halloween Celebration I found these adorable Halloween costumes for kids. (cute! aren't they?) I know your little ones will love these cute outfits!

this is my favorite, the Baby Blossom Infant Costume ( almost a perfect edit > I insist lol)

Janine in  her "manang" Halloween outfit (lol)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Janine's first tooth

Cute tooth from: Arielle_Weiler 

It was Oct. 15 when I noticed that Janine’s lower front tooth finally came out. When I found out that she already had her first little tooth, of course I felt really glad (I even touched it with my finger). Below is a picture of what it looks like, it’s not really hers but it looks exactly the same of what she has now (I couldn't take (my own) picture of it because she hates it every time I tried opening her mouth.. arg!!!) 

Well,That’s the good side when your baby starts having their little chewing and biting buddies. But there’s one bad thing I hate about it (which I think most moms do) and that is when your baby is tryin’ to sink their tooth (worst if teeth) into your precious little nipples (am I right about it mommies?). 

Hmm, do I feel angry about it? YES of course, but I just couldn’t really blame her cos I know she’s not really aware that I was actually hurt. 
Patience mommies, remember that you are the MOM and they are the BABIES.

Photo credits: Oral Answers

Friday, October 14, 2011

sitting outside

The pictures below were taken after we arrived from church last Sunday. That Sunday was actually one of the best Sundays in my life because for the first time, after so many years, we (my mama, papa and I - including Janine) went together "again “to the church (JB wasn't able to come with us cos he had work). I could no longer remember when was the last time we attended the Sunday mass as a whole, so this time, it's noted.

Lil Chinky staring on something up there (she's actually watching our neighbor fixing their roof)

my little curious chick

Thursday, October 13, 2011


She can't resist it, she's in love with herself (and I'm super in love with her too).
When she's in front of the mirror, she never hesitates to give herself a big smile.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yummy yummy yummy

Not too long ago, we started feeding Janine some finger foods and sweet biscuits (that easily melts) and she loves it. She had also tasted some other fruits like marang and durian.

Well, it's important to introduce new foods to your babies. But you have to be careful too. Don't just give them whatever you think or see inside your fridge ‘cos it might not be good for them.

 havin' some bite

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

not in the mood

This is how she looks when she's not in the mood or whenever she's throwing her tantrums. 
Oct 1, she just turn 8 month old and along with that, she's also turning to be a little naughty girl. When she's screaming, sometimes it irritates me but most of the time, I find it cute and funny (I am talking about her face).