Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sick and stinky

It’s almost a week later since Janine started taking her medicines. Yeah right, she’s been sick since last Thursday and we took her to her pedia that day right after my work. She's been prescribed with four kinds of medicines, one for her fever, her cough, colds and one antibiotic. She started taking them Thursday evening and guess what? She’s been crazily annoyed being forced to take those medicines especially the antibiotic, she hates it so much (I know how awful it is, sorry baby you had no choice!).

Janine really looked so sick these past few days.
She had lost her appetite, dropped her weight, lost her interest in playing, and we missed her cute laughs and little jumping moves. And though she isn’t taking her bath for almost a week, she still smells good to me.
Enough of that, I still have good news to you! Well, she just started playing with me yesterday afternoon and I guess her appetite is back cos she can now eat three scoops of baby cereals.

And hey, she had learned her first word! I just can’t figure out how it sounds exactly. Sounds like “baba” “papa”!  (oh I hope it sounds like “mama”).  Well for now, I’m just hoping for her fast and continuous recovery.

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