Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sick and stinky

It’s almost a week later since Janine started taking her medicines. Yeah right, she’s been sick since last Thursday and we took her to her pedia that day right after my work. She's been prescribed with four kinds of medicines, one for her fever, her cough, colds and one antibiotic. She started taking them Thursday evening and guess what? She’s been crazily annoyed being forced to take those medicines especially the antibiotic, she hates it so much (I know how awful it is, sorry baby you had no choice!).

Janine really looked so sick these past few days.
She had lost her appetite, dropped her weight, lost her interest in playing, and we missed her cute laughs and little jumping moves. And though she isn’t taking her bath for almost a week, she still smells good to me.
Enough of that, I still have good news to you! Well, she just started playing with me yesterday afternoon and I guess her appetite is back cos she can now eat three scoops of baby cereals.

And hey, she had learned her first word! I just can’t figure out how it sounds exactly. Sounds like “baba” “papa”!  (oh I hope it sounds like “mama”).  Well for now, I’m just hoping for her fast and continuous recovery.

Friday, September 16, 2011

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid-7th month update

Janine is now on the middle of her 7th month and there were so many changes in her physical and mental behavior.She can now sit well (on her Alphabet mat) and play with her playthings .We've also started placing her on the basin when she's taking a bath, we initiated that a couple of weeks ago after we found that she can sit with no support . And guess what? she loved being in the water. Less crying, and more playing ( with her yellow bone).

She can also do a little push-ups (haha! really) and she loves doing it when she attempts to crawl (well, she can crawl now - a little). We actually took some pictures of her while she's in the basin and during her playtime but unluckily, JB's phone needs to be repaired (argg!! there must be something wrong with the phone's software). I hope it will be okay soon so I could upload  Janine's recent photos and videos. (I'm so sorry about that!)
Sept 8, Janine had her first bus ride experience and attended Conie's wedding. (thank God she was so kind that day!) I wish we could bring her to some other places again.

 just arrived, too late for the ceremony!.... (whatta shame!)
 Janine with Tita Irene

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Their first Grandparents Day

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to my Mama and Papa for being there when I'm out. For taking care of my little girl and for being patient when she started screaming and protesting or whatever.
Happy (first) Grandparent's Day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

scary little blood-sucker

I wasn't feeling nicely yesterday morning so I decided not to take a bath but I proceeded to go to work. I got stuffy nose, minor cough and slight body pain. Well, I wasn't really worried that morning cos I haven't had a fever but when I got home yesterday afternoon, my body temperature started to go up.
Do I need to worry? Well, YES of course! Because this fever may not just be a simple fever but a dengue fever (oh jeez!!! that's not good!). There were so many Dengue outbreak annouced in different Philippine regions, not including our city, but I was STILL worried because I know I've been bitten by a mosquito several times (so it can be possible).
That evening, I was still sick (really sick). I can't even carry Janine for long minutes because my body was really painful and it's so d@mn cold and I was also having some slight stomach pain (so it's quite alarming isn't it?).

Here's a slight info about Dengue Fever:
Dengue fever is a (life-threatening) contagious disease caused by a virus carried by a bite from a mosquito - a striped Aedes aegypti mosquito that has previously bitten an infected person.  Most of the victims are children but there are also many cases of dengue fever among adults. Its symptoms are the typical high fever from 2 to 7 days, vomiting, bleeding, and rashes in different parts of the body. It can even lead to a severe illness and even to death if it is not treated right away.

Hoping to feel fine later today!!!