Monday, August 8, 2011

little bunny is coming

Aug. 6 - It was a beautiful Saturday morning. No work for me and it’s JB’s day off as well, so we got 24 hours family day with each other (which happens rarely). 
Well, I always wished to be a full-time-stay-at-home mom but I know it’s not possible ‘cos JB and I need to work both to finance our living. 
But anyway, enough with that issue, lemme tell you what I’m really tryin’ to share. The real issue here is, our ‘lil chinky is sick (again). She got a fever that Saturday morning. Earlier that day, I noticed she was hot but I ignored it ‘cos she still looked active that time. Then later that morning, I bathed her and I haven’t noticed any indications that she’s sick. She even gives me that cute teeth-less grin that I always wanted. She wasn’t vaccinated that day (so why would I think  that she’s sick). After I took a bath, I cuddled her and I noticed that she really had a fever. Then I checked her body temperature and whoah!!!! 38.4°C ('m such a cruel mom).

My mom was thinking that she might start teething ( well 'm quite excited about that - oh no! not the teething part but the (her) teeth that I might see soon).

I know this is just a start of my a stressful days and nights.

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