Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Coming: Black sisters+songbear

Sweet, Loty, Janno and I have been together for quite a long time now. Well, not really a "long time" ago buddies but we consider ourselves long-time pals (we just do!). Sunday morning, I was at home, watching Matanglawin , when Loty, Sweet, and July ( Sweet's bf) came. They suppose to come on Monday cos it's a non- working holiday here (national heroes day). I was entirely surprised and unprepared (oh jeez!!!!!!!!!) yet I was still happy. Then what happened to Janno (the late-comer-songbear)? Well, He just arrived that day from his seminar in Cebu. He did came late (as usual). That's the typical thing he does when we were still working together. But we're considerate that time cos he brought us something 'yummy' straight from CEBU!

janine and jb

 the shy me

unexposed beauty of Loty


sweety and july

pacifier princess!!!

Meanwhile, Janine is practicing how to use her tiny tentacles. Yesterday afternoon, she did a little crawling move on the mat (but haven't recorded it sooorrryyy!). But as soon as she can move swiftly, then I will share it to you. 

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