Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm back

Hey I am finally back again!
Sorry guys, I just had a very busy week, and OMG, this blog is beginning to have some molds ('m tryin' not to be a lazy [mom] blogger). My schedule is killing me and I can't handle to write just a single word in this babbling blog. So where are we now?
Uhm... Well, there's nothing really special happened to us the previous days but lemme share few things 'bout our 'lil chinky.
Uhm, she's  getting a little more active each day and she's getting too playful too.
Every time we lay her down on her crib or on the bed, she instantly rolls over and I am worried cos she might hurt herself . And she loves to bounce when held in a standing position and I know shes having fun! I also noticed that she begins developing her cute and thin "funky" hair (oh I love it)! Whoooo! I can't wait put some ribbons on it.

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