Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Harry paid just £40 for role

It's so unbelievable! I was searching something when I found this headline news from Yahoo Movies (UK): " Harry Potter paid just  for role" and hey, it's not about Daniel Radcliffe but I was talking to the cute "baby" Harry in the movie. Toby Papworth was the [un]lucky baby chosen to play young Harry Potter during flashbacks to the distressing death of Harry's parents at Lord Voldemort's hands. I haven't seen all the Harry Potter series and I've never been a fan of the movie until I saw the last part. The final HP film was one of  the best film endings I've ever seen.. And it was the first time I saw and fell in love with little Toby. 

Poor baby Toby! He did a fantastic [crying] scene yet recieved (something we can consider) poor amount...They really should have paid him more than that...£40 is so damn cheap! 

Courtesy from: Toby Papworth Page
so cute!

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