Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6th month old attitude

I noticed somethin’ unusual ‘bout Janine’s behavior yesterday aftie. She seemed really irritated to us (yeah including me). Right after we gave her the box of (her) milk which we bought at the grocery store yesterday, she excitedly grabbed it and hit it like a drum (is she going to be my little drummer girl?). My mom took it from her ‘cos she might get hurt with its sharp edges. Then she started screaming like hell! And it lasted for a couple of minutes....OMG! What’s happening to my little girl? (every time my mom returns it, she will stop crying and screaming)

She just turned 6th month old yesterday so I presume that she has this shifting of personality. Then my mom said that she might be starting to recognize things that belongs to her (I guess every child believes that all things belongs to them IF it is on their hand).

Yesterday, we didn’t get the chance to celebrate her 6th month birthday (poor chinky, blame it on the rain baby). But I have a birthday present for her, a $1 worth of pink headband (and it’s cute).

Hmmm, well I just hope that she’ll never start becoming a hard-headed chink (or else... I will still love her).

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