Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Coming: Black sisters+songbear

Sweet, Loty, Janno and I have been together for quite a long time now. Well, not really a "long time" ago buddies but we consider ourselves long-time pals (we just do!). Sunday morning, I was at home, watching Matanglawin , when Loty, Sweet, and July ( Sweet's bf) came. They suppose to come on Monday cos it's a non- working holiday here (national heroes day). I was entirely surprised and unprepared (oh jeez!!!!!!!!!) yet I was still happy. Then what happened to Janno (the late-comer-songbear)? Well, He just arrived that day from his seminar in Cebu. He did came late (as usual). That's the typical thing he does when we were still working together. But we're considerate that time cos he brought us something 'yummy' straight from CEBU!

janine and jb

 the shy me

unexposed beauty of Loty


sweety and july

pacifier princess!!!

Meanwhile, Janine is practicing how to use her tiny tentacles. Yesterday afternoon, she did a little crawling move on the mat (but haven't recorded it sooorrryyy!). But as soon as she can move swiftly, then I will share it to you. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama's here!

This is so priceless to me... 
I know she's excited when I come home from my work and seeing this big excited smile is enough to relieve all my stress. Well, this was just taken today, when I got home from work to take my lunch break.  
Isn't she lovely and sweet?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

brush brush brush

Oh my baby loves this commercial. I was thinking that she's enticed to the colors or it might be the song ('cos it's cute). She takes a (focusing)moment when watching it even when she's crying and when this commercial ends, she'll resume her crying session.  haha!  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Harry paid just £40 for role

It's so unbelievable! I was searching something when I found this headline news from Yahoo Movies (UK): " Harry Potter paid just  for role" and hey, it's not about Daniel Radcliffe but I was talking to the cute "baby" Harry in the movie. Toby Papworth was the [un]lucky baby chosen to play young Harry Potter during flashbacks to the distressing death of Harry's parents at Lord Voldemort's hands. I haven't seen all the Harry Potter series and I've never been a fan of the movie until I saw the last part. The final HP film was one of  the best film endings I've ever seen.. And it was the first time I saw and fell in love with little Toby. 

Poor baby Toby! He did a fantastic [crying] scene yet recieved (something we can consider) poor amount...They really should have paid him more than that...£40 is so damn cheap! 

Courtesy from: Toby Papworth Page
so cute!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm back

Hey I am finally back again!
Sorry guys, I just had a very busy week, and OMG, this blog is beginning to have some molds ('m tryin' not to be a lazy [mom] blogger). My schedule is killing me and I can't handle to write just a single word in this babbling blog. So where are we now?
Uhm... Well, there's nothing really special happened to us the previous days but lemme share few things 'bout our 'lil chinky.
Uhm, she's  getting a little more active each day and she's getting too playful too.
Every time we lay her down on her crib or on the bed, she instantly rolls over and I am worried cos she might hurt herself . And she loves to bounce when held in a standing position and I know shes having fun! I also noticed that she begins developing her cute and thin "funky" hair (oh I love it)! Whoooo! I can't wait put some ribbons on it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

little bunny is coming

Aug. 6 - It was a beautiful Saturday morning. No work for me and it’s JB’s day off as well, so we got 24 hours family day with each other (which happens rarely). 
Well, I always wished to be a full-time-stay-at-home mom but I know it’s not possible ‘cos JB and I need to work both to finance our living. 
But anyway, enough with that issue, lemme tell you what I’m really tryin’ to share. The real issue here is, our ‘lil chinky is sick (again). She got a fever that Saturday morning. Earlier that day, I noticed she was hot but I ignored it ‘cos she still looked active that time. Then later that morning, I bathed her and I haven’t noticed any indications that she’s sick. She even gives me that cute teeth-less grin that I always wanted. She wasn’t vaccinated that day (so why would I think  that she’s sick). After I took a bath, I cuddled her and I noticed that she really had a fever. Then I checked her body temperature and whoah!!!! 38.4°C ('m such a cruel mom).

My mom was thinking that she might start teething ( well 'm quite excited about that - oh no! not the teething part but the (her) teeth that I might see soon).

I know this is just a start of my a stressful days and nights.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


 hmmm, i'm thinkin' of something.
 can you help me spell out my name with these puzzle mat mom?
 i hate this dog ....!!!
 ..'cos it stinks!

but wait a minute..., 
...are you hiding some letters here?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6th month old attitude

I noticed somethin’ unusual ‘bout Janine’s behavior yesterday aftie. She seemed really irritated to us (yeah including me). Right after we gave her the box of (her) milk which we bought at the grocery store yesterday, she excitedly grabbed it and hit it like a drum (is she going to be my little drummer girl?). My mom took it from her ‘cos she might get hurt with its sharp edges. Then she started screaming like hell! And it lasted for a couple of minutes....OMG! What’s happening to my little girl? (every time my mom returns it, she will stop crying and screaming)

She just turned 6th month old yesterday so I presume that she has this shifting of personality. Then my mom said that she might be starting to recognize things that belongs to her (I guess every child believes that all things belongs to them IF it is on their hand).

Yesterday, we didn’t get the chance to celebrate her 6th month birthday (poor chinky, blame it on the rain baby). But I have a birthday present for her, a $1 worth of pink headband (and it’s cute).

Hmmm, well I just hope that she’ll never start becoming a hard-headed chink (or else... I will still love her).

Monday, August 1, 2011