Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weird encounters

For first time moms like me, you'll normally feel worried if you see or noticed somethin' (you consider) odd with/from your baby.

My first encounter was when Janine was still few weeks old. What I noticed was this small amount of sticky blood vaginal discharge.  I didn't panicked but I was worried inside (of course). I planned an appointment to her pedia right before the scheduled consultation but I haven't noticed that Janine acts unhealthy that moment. So then, I decided to wait 'till her scheduled consultation.

When I asked her pedia about that, she said it's just normal (thanks God!). My mind was settled after I found out that it's no biggie. 

Second encounter was when she started her solids. We noticed something (really) weird and nasty in her poop. It looks like black string worms (and there are lots of them).
In my curiosity, what I did was, I picked one string and checked it in a magnifying glass (yeah I did it though it sounds nasty) and it really looked like worms but I didn't see anything moving. So, the second thing I did was Googling it (hahaha). Then I found out (again) that it's normal if your baby had eaten some bananas. 

Now, I know!

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