Monday, July 18, 2011

Old stuff

If you (just) wouldn’t mind how days are passing, you’ll certainly be amazed by the changes that come into your life. While watching Janine’s video when she was 1 day old, I see a lot of changes, particularly about how she had changed physically. One (rainy) Saturday aftie, I took her old hat (the one she wore in that video) and placed it on her head (again). And Oh my…, it barely fits on her head and it’s kinda awkward and  funny to look at her that way (haha), but I actually love it and she’s still cute for me though.

 I love to see my baby grow up but there’s one thing I’m concerned about. Well, I hate to realize how things are changing (though it’s part of the realism). It seems that, it was just yesterday when I made a strong push to my 4.8 lbs (healthy) baby girl. Today, I was cuddling this cute and sweet ‘Lil chinky. 
Tomorrow…, hmmm? I’m not certain about that. I dunno if she’ll grow up as sweet girl, funny fellow, kind-hearted woman or worse, a rebel (oh jeez, not this).

Well, lemme tell ya this, no matter what she'll be in the future, she’s still my baby and since I was just 22 when she came, hmm… we will just be like sisters 20 years from now (and we will rock the town!). 

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TheHealthyHostess said...

Your little daughter is soo beautiful! :)