Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know it was right!

Every baby is a blessing and a precious gift from God, so give them the chance to live.

June 2010, the day I found out its positive!  

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was so worried, afraid, shocked but I was a bit excited ‘cos I know there’s a little angel growing inside of me. I was worried not because I don’t wanna have a baby nor I’m unprepared but because my parents aren’t ready of my early pregnancy. Well, I actually understand their side but I’m not a perfect daughter and that’s the reality. However, I would say, JB and I were truly prepared to become mom and dad.  

I’m no longer teen that time but I was still young to become a mom and I truly agree on that. As a matter of fact, there were so many voices echoing into my mind whispering different opinions unto what should be the right thing for me to do that would definitely be unregretful.  That moment, I was entirely baffled and I felt so down. I even consider it as a nightmare (sorry to tell that baby) but thanks God I have JB (the proud daddy) in my side. 

Let the baby live or go for an abortion?-(I hate to mention this); these two things were fighting inside my young mind. It was the toughest options I’ve ever met but I was so determined to accept whatever consequences I will receive from my parents. I am a God-fearing individual and I don’t want to become a murderer of innocent life and I believe that the decision I made was right. 

The day my baby arrived in this world, I realized that I will be a good mom (or should I already consider myself a “good mom”). The shadows of yesterday are now covered with her cute and delightful smiles. At the moment, I am so happy and absolutely proud and I have no regrets with my decisions. 
My little daughter is now 23 weeks old and she’s my prettiest girl and we love her so much. 
 5 months

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