Friday, July 29, 2011

first flower she picked

My Lil Chinky gave me santan flowers she picked herself for the first time. She was so sweet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tripp Roth: The strongest baby I've known

I don't know how to start this post or if I could write properly in this post because everytime I think about Tripp, it always brings me to tears. It's not just because I pity him so much but also because I was truly amazed by the strength he has inspite of the unfathomable pain he carries everyday. 

I can't remember the exact date when I started following their blog, the only thing I can remember is the smiling face of Tripp in their blog banner.  Everyday, I take a visit on their blog and on their facebook profile trying to read some updates about Tripp and his condition. Last Monday, they made a prayer rally for this little strong boy and I was surprised to see the number of people gathered in the event. Though I wasn't there, I  am still praying for him (and will always be praying for him).

Tripp's story has touched so many lives including mine. Actually, It's hard to imagine how Courtney (Tripp's mom) managed the pain of watching her little boy suffer from this rare genetic skin disease called EB. My life has changed after I read about Tripp's story. Every time I read about it, my heart felt so much depression yet it inspires me in many ways. Courtney is so blessed with so many extraordinary things, patience, dedication, strength, faith and an extraordinary boy. If I were in her situation, I don't know if I could carry such cross (without even asking God "Why?"). I am and will always be thankful to God because he sent this living Angel to us and had touched our hearts (and even the coldest heart).

And lemme share you this writings written by his mommy,

 I'll need a Pinky-swear

As he lies in my lap
And together we sway
I rock him to sleep
And meanwhile I pray:

"Dear God, I know you can see us
And you're watching from above
Filled with sadness for him, as we are,
And equally in love.

I've never once asked You "why?"
Nor questioned if You were near.
But I do have one request tonight,
I pray that you will hear.

When it's time for You to call him home,
And my hope turns into despair,
I will need more than a promise from You,
I'll need a pinky-swear...

That you will hold him close to Your chest,
And say "I love you" all day long.
That you will rock him 'til your knees get sore,
And sing his favorite songs.

Tell me that You'll keep him safe,
So I will not be distressed.
Tell me that he'll will get his wings
And tell me he'll be blessed.

Let me know he made it safely,
Without a single blister or bleed,
Let me know that you will do MY job,
To fulfill his every need.

I have to know that you will love him,
Just as much, or more, than I do.
And when he finally speaks a word,
That You'll record it so I can hear, too.

My buddy is going to need Your help,
With so much yet to learn.
Like using a spoon, writing his name,
And having to wait his turn.

God, please be patient when he tries,
For he's such a sweet and loving boy.
Please give him every thing he wants,
But make sure he shares his toys.

These are things I'll miss out on,
Like no Mommy should have to do.
So don't let one milestone go unnoticed,
Please, I'm begging You.

He likes Elmo's ducks, The Three little Pigs,
Shoo Fly and Counting to Four.
Big Green Tractor, Rise and Shine.
And when they stop, he'll tell you "more."

He holds certain toys in certain hands,
And says yes with a big smile.
Please spend some extra special time,
And talk with him awhile. 

It breaks my heart to have to think
That he won't graduate from school.
Or go to prom, or have kids of his own,
Or even break a single rule.

Tell him for me- please don't forget,
That I wanted him to stay.
That I tried and tried to ease his pain,
But it was only YOU who knew the way.

I know you have a choir of angels,
Who play music while they fly.
And if they need a drummer boy-
Well, my Tripp, he's their guy!

You've probably seen it for yourself,
That he's one brave kid, indeed.
But he'll be scared if You have to leave,

So stay with him, I plead.
If he has to go to Heaven first,
I'll make one promise back to You-
I'll miss him every second he's gone,
And spend the rest of my life trying to get there, too.

I hope that's not too much to ask,
And I trust You'll do your best.
To fill my spot, just temporary,
And answer my requests.

Thank in advance, Dear God.
Because I know You're a busy man.
I trust in You and in Your Will
And know You have a plan."

Words just simply can't express
To my only son who just turned two-
How very much my heart will ache
If that rocking chair is without you.

So dear sweet angel baby of mine,
If we ever have to say goodbye...
I'll rock you in my heart forever,
Until we meet again in the sky.

Written by Mommy

I found this photo from one of Courtney's facebook album.
This photo really made me cry (again and again).
What a simple wish from a little boy (hoping to be granted).

(Photo and videos courtesy of Courtney&Tripp Roth blog:

We L♥ve you so much Tripp...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Janine playing with her feet

click the photo to see the gif effect

She always loved her feet!
Maybe few months from now, she'll start chewing her toes and suck 'em till she gets tired.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cloth diapering is making a comeback

Just watch this video from and see what you can do to save Money and our Mommy Earth!

                     (Just started cloth diapering yesterday and its cool and cute)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weird encounters

For first time moms like me, you'll normally feel worried if you see or noticed somethin' (you consider) odd with/from your baby.

My first encounter was when Janine was still few weeks old. What I noticed was this small amount of sticky blood vaginal discharge.  I didn't panicked but I was worried inside (of course). I planned an appointment to her pedia right before the scheduled consultation but I haven't noticed that Janine acts unhealthy that moment. So then, I decided to wait 'till her scheduled consultation.

When I asked her pedia about that, she said it's just normal (thanks God!). My mind was settled after I found out that it's no biggie. 

Second encounter was when she started her solids. We noticed something (really) weird and nasty in her poop. It looks like black string worms (and there are lots of them).
In my curiosity, what I did was, I picked one string and checked it in a magnifying glass (yeah I did it though it sounds nasty) and it really looked like worms but I didn't see anything moving. So, the second thing I did was Googling it (hahaha). Then I found out (again) that it's normal if your baby had eaten some bananas. 

Now, I know!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zombies are coming.....

What do you see? It looks familiar isn’t it?
Then, why did I posted this (PvsZ)screenshot? 

You’re clueless right?

Well, I used to be addicted with this game and I would say it’s not just a typical obsession because it was my hobby when I was pregnant.

Roughly every day I (along with the plants) was combating the zombies. And you know what, JB was worried about that weird behavior of mine (but I was enjoying). I know what he was thinking that time, that my baby would look like a zombie when it comes out (but luckily it didn’t).

At this point in time, I still splurge little time on it but not as often as before. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Old stuff

If you (just) wouldn’t mind how days are passing, you’ll certainly be amazed by the changes that come into your life. While watching Janine’s video when she was 1 day old, I see a lot of changes, particularly about how she had changed physically. One (rainy) Saturday aftie, I took her old hat (the one she wore in that video) and placed it on her head (again). And Oh my…, it barely fits on her head and it’s kinda awkward and  funny to look at her that way (haha), but I actually love it and she’s still cute for me though.

 I love to see my baby grow up but there’s one thing I’m concerned about. Well, I hate to realize how things are changing (though it’s part of the realism). It seems that, it was just yesterday when I made a strong push to my 4.8 lbs (healthy) baby girl. Today, I was cuddling this cute and sweet ‘Lil chinky. 
Tomorrow…, hmmm? I’m not certain about that. I dunno if she’ll grow up as sweet girl, funny fellow, kind-hearted woman or worse, a rebel (oh jeez, not this).

Well, lemme tell ya this, no matter what she'll be in the future, she’s still my baby and since I was just 22 when she came, hmm… we will just be like sisters 20 years from now (and we will rock the town!). 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know it was right!

Every baby is a blessing and a precious gift from God, so give them the chance to live.

June 2010, the day I found out its positive!  

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was so worried, afraid, shocked but I was a bit excited ‘cos I know there’s a little angel growing inside of me. I was worried not because I don’t wanna have a baby nor I’m unprepared but because my parents aren’t ready of my early pregnancy. Well, I actually understand their side but I’m not a perfect daughter and that’s the reality. However, I would say, JB and I were truly prepared to become mom and dad.  

I’m no longer teen that time but I was still young to become a mom and I truly agree on that. As a matter of fact, there were so many voices echoing into my mind whispering different opinions unto what should be the right thing for me to do that would definitely be unregretful.  That moment, I was entirely baffled and I felt so down. I even consider it as a nightmare (sorry to tell that baby) but thanks God I have JB (the proud daddy) in my side. 

Let the baby live or go for an abortion?-(I hate to mention this); these two things were fighting inside my young mind. It was the toughest options I’ve ever met but I was so determined to accept whatever consequences I will receive from my parents. I am a God-fearing individual and I don’t want to become a murderer of innocent life and I believe that the decision I made was right. 

The day my baby arrived in this world, I realized that I will be a good mom (or should I already consider myself a “good mom”). The shadows of yesterday are now covered with her cute and delightful smiles. At the moment, I am so happy and absolutely proud and I have no regrets with my decisions. 
My little daughter is now 23 weeks old and she’s my prettiest girl and we love her so much. 
 5 months

photo credit PT kit:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Her precious little feet

So small and so sweet
Tiny toes all in a row
Catch them quick
before they grow 

A keepsake we've created now
so when you're big
you'll see how
Once upon a time
they were...
your precious feet
so small and so sweet!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sunny Thursday Afternoon

Yesterday was a stressful day to me....

....but this 'Lil Chinky welcomed me with a big smile!..
... and another [little] smile

...then it melts my heart.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Janine's first taste of Cerelac

So yummy!

big Ahhhh...
(I guess she still prefers the 'yellow-thing' called Banana)

I know, 6 months is still the best time to give babies their first solid meal, but Janine (on her 5th month) seems like ready for her first solids, so there's no further reasons to say no. It's actually an exciting phase for her and for me as well because she loves smearing foods on her face... and it's cute and funny.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crop Mom second project

Check my "Cr[o]p Mom" projects here.
I will be adding more projects soon so check it out.
For interested moms, you can visit Crop Mom if you love making scrapbook.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Janine ridin' in a plastic basin

A fun-filled Saturday Morning with baby Janine

date taken: 7-2-11 @ 7:30am

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 5th month old baby Janine

 i see light but no cake...

did you eat my cake?