Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teething signs

Teething may be stressful for parents and for babies. It's an indication of growth and progress in your baby's life. Teething is very new and distressing experience for children. As parents, it is important to identify this particular moment so that you will be sensitive to the stress followed with this pain.
Teething period for infant typically starts on their 6th or 7th month after their birth. And remember this there's no fixed teething calendar for the babies. Several infants may start teething untimely right after birth while other babies may teeth as overdue as a year and a half later.
Frequent teething signs and symptoms you may notice in the course of the teething process include:
  • ·         Excessive drooling
  • ·         Loud crying
  • ·         Change in sleeping behavior
  • ·         Loss of urge for food
  • ·         Continual gnawing
  • ·         Diarrhea
  • ·         (Some)Chin allergies
·         (Even)Ear aches
These are just typical symptoms. By rubbing a cool clean cloth on the gum area you can help your little ones relieve the discomfort. But also remember parents that you have to show your youngsters some love and care throughout this distressing time.

(I can’t wait to see Janine’s first tiny tooth)

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