Saturday, June 4, 2011

Solid foods, Is she ready?

It's been a quite busy week for me but it was a wonderful week since June 1 started!
Yesterday, I was browsing topics about introducing solid foods to your baby. Since the day my baby reached her 16th weeks there's one thing that really hassles me about her.

My question is:
Is Janine ready for solids?

Here are few signs I have observed from her:

  - She can sit up when supported with good control of the head and neck.  
  - Shes interested in what I'm eating 
  - She exhibits signs of being eager for more than shes getting.
 - She is now weighing approximately 6 kilos from her 2.2 kilo birth weight.

As of now, we're still not sure if we are going to give her solids until she reached her 6th month but I can't wait to see her  smearing food on his face!

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