Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sick chinky

Becoming a mom means having a lot of responsibilities. It’s also about testing your capabilities on how you deal with emergency situations in your life, in your family especially to your little ones. You will also lay another set of priorities in life and you‘ll learn to sacrifice things, and it’s true.
June 16, Thursday @ 8:30 am, Janine was again vaccinated with DPT and OPV (my mom was the one who brought her to the Health Center ‘cos I have a duty that day) and she got fever around 2 pm (said my mom). She was given paracetamol but couple of hrs later, her fever starts to get higher again. Around 6pm, she started crying so sickly and I pity her so much. She hasn’t got enough sleep that moment and her eyes were terribly tired. On the right leg area where the shot was given, there was slight soreness and redness and I guess it’s painful ‘cos she whimpers every time it is being touched by something. Her fever reached 38°C around 10 pm and I started to panic cos it might get higher; thank God I have her baby book (given by her first pediatrician), where I read about the topic regarding baby’s fever.

Janine fell asleep around 12 a.m but it wasn’t a straight sleep for her and for me ‘till morning. At 5 am, yesterday, I checked her temperature but she’s still hot, so then I decided to be out from work that day.
I was actually wondering why she’s still sick and I was thinking that she might feel better on the afternoon and I was so confident about that but I was wrong because her fever got bad around 3 pm (it’s already 39°C) so I started to panic again. And the worst thing about it is, we no longer have paracetamol and my husband hasn’t arrived yet from his work (I asked him to buy a bottle of paracetamol) and it was raining so badly that Friday afternoon. Few minutes later, my husband arrived and we immediately gave her a dose of medicine. A couple of hours passed, Janine got okay and we’re so thankful for that.
That happening was actually the first time I felt so worried and I don’t want it to happen again. All I wish for is her good health and happy smiles but I know, Janine and I, including her papa JB still have so many  ups and downs to bump into.
 Illness… Sadness… stay AWAY from us. Shoo! shoo! shoo!

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