Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bye-Hello baby

After I gave birth to baby Janine, I stayed at home for more than 2 months before I came back to my work. It was never easy being a [young] mom, especially when you are a working mom. You need to leave your little one at home and spend 8 hours at work and goes back at home tired and stressed. In my case, I might get tired after a long period of work but whenever I see my baby at home, everything gets fine.

It was April 11 when I returned to my work and that time, I felt really sad. I could still remember the moment when my baby cried after I kissed her goodbye, I almost cry that time. I could really feel that she’s longing for me and it was never easy to me.  My mom took care of my baby while I was away. Though I was working, my mind is at home and I really can’t resist myself from thinking of her. At all times, she brightens up my darkest day and she's my sunshine. That is why; I always missed her little grin whenever I am out. 

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